Radio KLFM plays a significant role across Central Victoria as a local radio medium.

KLFM attracts a large share of people aged 40 plus, and when you consider that 40% of the population are baby boomers, and KLFM is the only station specifically licensed and specifically targeting this demographic, guarantees our advertisers a large, loyal audience.

Baby Boomers have the highest disposable income and are generally more cashed up than any other age group. KLFM is the only live radio station from 6am to 12 midnight seven days a week.

As well as running five local news bulletins per day, we are also closely aligned with 3AW in Melbourne and relay their national news on the hour.

At KLFM we only run 5 minutes of ads per hour, and each ad break only contains 3 x 30 second announcements, which means your message will be prominent in the mix.

KLFM is an multi award winning radio station across Bendigo and Central Victoria, with a consistent music format, the best news coverage and community interaction.

There hasn’t been an official radio survey in Bendigo and Central Victoria since 2001, however we have acquired a handful of radio surveys provided to us by independent local business’s, who were keen to ascertain where to spend their advertising dollars. These surveys can be supplied upon request.

We tailor make all advertising plans to suit individual business objectives. Give me a call, Geoff Anderson at KLFM on 03 5444 1377 or directly on 0419 041 157 or you can email